Misha Berveno

Writing as design

Email: mberveno@me.com
Facebook: /mberveno
Essays: On the Ephemerality of SaaS

Updated: October 2019

I’m a writer with a strategic mind and aesthetic eye.

I believe in the fusion of writing and design to communicate ideas. One coin. Words are the raw materials of my craft and design – a storytelling tool.

Perhaps my portfolio would make it more clear.

Day to day I run No Country Studio – my earnest stab at making companies sound more human through high-quality copywriting. Get in touch to see how I can help your digital strategy and editorial efforts.

In the past, I spent 2 years managing the verbal identity and editorial process at Skyrocket. I also worked in startups, ecommerce, web publishing, web design and social media.

When not submerged in work, I strive to read about a book a week and leave a review for each. Occasionally I write a short story. Even more occasionally – an essay.

My formal education was in marketing at Thompson Rivers University and international business at Université Catholique de Lyon. But most of what I remember I learned on my own.

I live in Vancouver, BC.

I work worldwide.