Misha Berveno

Writing as design

Email: mberveno@me.com
Facebook: /mberveno

I’m a writer with a strategic mind and an aesthetic eye.

I believe in the fusion of writing and design to communicate an idea. One coin. Words are the raw materials of my craft and design – a storytelling tool.

Perhaps my portfolio would make it more clear.

Most recently I spent 2 years managing a verbal identity and editorial process at Skyrocket. Before that I worked in tech startups, ecommerce, web publishing, web design and social media.

Now I’m looking to collaborate with agencies, startups and established organizations in shaping their editorial efforts and digital strategy. Either as a consultant or full-time.

Skim through my resumé and reach out to see how I can help you.

When not submerged in work, I read, slowly and voraciously, at least a book a week and leave a review for each. Occasionally I write a short story. Even more occasionally – an essay.

My education was in marketing at Thompson Rivers University and international business at Université Catholique de Lyon. But most of what I remember I learned on my own.

I live in Vancouver, BC.

I work worldwide.